So, I’m having dinner with Dick, we’re doing some catching up and I’m telling him about a new album I just produced for a dear old friend of mine, Paul Fagan.  Of course Dick asked about the artwork for the album.  I said, “Paul and his wife Susie are going to use a design template from CD Baby.”  Dick poked at his asparagus and asked, “How much did the album cost to produce?” After I told him he looked at me and said, “And you’re not willing to invest a small percentage of that budget on a first-class CD package?”  My memory banks immediately scrolled through all the projects that Dick and I had done over the last 40 years — Three Austin Christmas albums, Fromholz albums, Austin All Stars albums, a Frummox II album, countless album packages for friends and associates, even the logo for the Saxon Pub, a club I opened in 1990.  All of these projects looked great and fared well . . . Hell, the Saxon Pub has been opened now for almost 30 years!  “You know Dick,” I said, “You’ve got a point.”  I took a long pull off my beer and after dinner I went home and called Paul and Susie.
                                                                 Craig D. Hillis, December 2018    

We’re sure glad Craig had dinner with Dick that evening and hooked us up.  The album, “In it for Love,”was a tremendously important and personal project for us and we couldn’t be more pleased with the beautiful package Dick created.  Presenting this exceptional music to the public in the perfect package is a wonderful way to kick off 2019.  Thanks Dick!
                                                              Paul & Susie Fagan, January 2019

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