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“I wanted to find an artist to make a top quality CD album package and didn’t know where to turn. My producer recommended Dick Reeves as one of the best in the nation, and am I glad he did!  When I saw what Dick had created for clients from indies like me to world famous Grammy winners, I was amazed.  He has the eye for color and composition and the feel for what makes a compelling product for vastly differing audiences. 


Dick took time to listen to my music and background stories then created the album package that was just what I was hoping to have. I also had him develop new name branding and logo to go with it. And we didn’t stop there. I asked Dick to update my website with all the new formats and branding that he created for the album, and he tied it all together beautifully! I’m very proud to have my name on it and to be associated with the fine Mr. Reeves!  And, after he’s listened to your story, wait until you hear some of his! Rio King, Rocking RK Records.”